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Papers Accepted for Publications

  1. Modeling and simulation of photovoltaic module with enhanced perturb and observe mppt algorithm using matlab/simulink – Arpn Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  2. Modeling and dynamics study of large scale pv system connected malaysian grid under different fault conditions – ieee xplore
  3. Influence of macro-pores on dnapl migration in double-porosity soil using light transmission visualization method – q2 Springer link
  4. A novel control algorithm for multi-robot pattern formation – International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science & Technology (ijarcst 2016)
  5. Predicting learning styles based on students’ learning behavior using correlation analysis – Currentscience.ac.in
  6. A thermostabilized, one-step pcr assay for simultaneous detection of klebsiella pneumoniae and haemophilus influenzae – published in various journals
  7. A comparison of nano bentonite and some nano chemical additives to improve drilling fluid using local clay and commercial bentonites – Sciencedirect
  8. A novel approach for precise motion artefact detection in photoplethysmograph signal processing based on dark photocurrent – International Journal of Innovative Research in Advanced Engineering (ijirae)
  9. A correlation study on motion artifact using photodiode and three axis accelerometer signals – Indian Journal of Science and Technology
  10. Carbon tubular membranes from nanocrystalline cellulose blended with p84 co-polyimide for h2 and he separation – Sciencedirect
  11. Assessing optimization based strategies for t-way test suite generation: the case for flower-based strategy – ieee xplore
  12. The effect of perceived ease of use and usefulness on customers intention to use online banking services: the mediating role of perceived trust -International Journal of Innovative Computing
  13. The effect of security and privacy perceptions on customers’ trust to accept internet banking services: an extension of tam – Medwell journals
  14. The influence of trust in consumer perception to accept internet banking services: an empirical evidence – UMP Repository
  15. Modeling and design of a photovoltaic power plant connected to the mv side of the malaysian grid with tnb technical regulation compatibility – Researchgate
  16. Modeling and control of photovoltaic power-plant-connected malaysian grid with ride-through capability under grid fault – UMP Repository
  17. Harmonic distortion and voltage unbalance study of photovoltaic power plant connected to the malaysian grid – JTEC
  18. Low voltage ride-through capability control for single-stage inverter-based grid-connected photovoltaic power plant – Sciencedirect
  19. Voltage sag detection in grid connected photovoltaic power plant for lvrt control – Benthamscience
  20. Evaluation on the factors influencing the deposition of wax using full factorial design – Iopscience
  21. Effect of surfactants and their blend with silica nanoparticles on wax deposition on a malaysian crude oil – Springer Links
  22. Backward extraction of jacalin-loaded reverse micelles into new stripping phase and toxicity evaluation on embryonic development of zebrafish – Researchgate
  23. Experimental study on the effect of wax inhibitor and nanoparticles on rheology of malaysian crude oil – Sciencedirect
  24. Pour point depressant (ppd) and the nanoparticles effect on the wax deposition, viscosity and shear stress for malaysian crude oil – Taylor & Francis Online
  25. Wax inhibitor and nanoparticle effect on wax deposition through cold finger analysis -Taylor & Francis Online
  26. Sreening of the factors for novel pour point depressant copolymer synthesis to improve the copolymer yield – Iopscience
  27. Human umbilical cord-mesenchymal stem cells; a promising strategy for corneal epithelial regeneration – National Library of Medicine (NCBI)
  28. Is our child safe on the escalator? – USM Repository
  29. Elicitation of conditional probability table for risk analysis of boiler in biomass energy plant– Pertanika Journal
  30. Preparation and characterization of compatibilized poly (lactic acid)(pla) / polypropylene (pp) / graphene nanoplatelets (gnp) nanocomposites – Iopscience
  31. Filtering facepiece respirators (ffrs) for healthcare workers protection in the time of covid-19 pandemic – National Library of Medicine (NCBI)
  32. Effect of wax inhibitor and sodium cloisite,na+ nanoparticle on the deposition of crude oil through cold finger analysis – Taylor & Francis Online
  33. Land use governance and sustainable housing development on pangkor island – Researchgate
  34. Synthesis of graphene by pullulan-assisted exfoliation of graphite using ultrasonic bath -UPM Repository
  35. Development and validation of a malaysian blood donor’s satisfaction (m-bds) questionnaire – National Library of Medicine (NCBI)
  36. Will branding engage perpetual bonding in healthcare? – International Journal of Business & Society 
  37. A clustering approach to identify multidimensional poverty indicators for bottom 40 percent group – PLOS ONE
  38. Effect of gemini surfactant and sio2/sno/ni2o3 nanoparticles on viscosity of malaysian crude oil – Sciencedirect
  39. Advance development of flexible and rigid pavement – Iopscience
  40. Synthesis, characterization and pre-evaluation of a novel terpolymer as pour point depressants to improve the flowability of the malaysian crude oil – Springer Links
  41. Institutional reforms of water supply services in peninsular malaysia: a performance analysis  – Monash University Repository
  42. Preprocessing phase on student’s performance predictive model development
  43. Machine learning approach using thermal and sar data for the classification of oil palm trees with basal stem rot – MDPI
  44. Institutional reforms of water supply services in peninsular malaysia: a performance analysis – Monash University Repository
  45. Physicochemical, rheological and microstructural properties of nanosillica modified bio-asphalt – Sciencedirect
  46. Strategic planning and international division, ministry of plantation industries and commodities (mpic) – MPIC
  47. Converting plastic waste as potential adsorbent for carbon dioxide capture: a review – MDPI
  48. Experiences of social stigma among patients tested positive for covid-19 and their family members:  a qualitative study – National Library of Medicine (NCBI)
  49. The cultivation of immobilized chlorella vulgaris in different culture medium for biodiesel production – UMP Repository
  50. The relationship between hrm strategies and intention to leave of a hotel in johor bahru – Journal of Advanced Research in Social and Behavioural Sciences
  51. Characterisation of fatty acid synthase beta subunit dehydratase (fas1) in lipid biosynthesis pathway of magnaporthe oryzae – MDPI
  52. Application of artificial intelligence models for evapotranspiration prediction along the southern cost of turkey – Hindawi Journals
  53. Synthesis and characterization of bacterial cellulose obtained from cultivation of oil palm frond juice with chitosan via ex-situ modification method as alternative food packaging material – Pertanika Journals
  54. Efficiency of charcoal as supporting growth material in pleurotus ostreatus mushroom cultivation using various agricultural wastes mixed with rubber tree sawdust (rs) – CET Journals
  55. Growth performance and mineral analysis of pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom) cultivated on spent mushroom medium mixed with rubber tree sawdust – Sciencedirect
  56. Growth performance and mineral analysis of pleurotus ostreatus from various agricultural wastes mixed with rubber tree sawdust in malaysia – Sciencedirect
  57. The mediating role of competitive intelligence on organizational culture and hotel performance: a proposed theoretical framework – UTMARA Repository
  58. Machine-learning approach using thermal and sar data for the classification of oil palm trees with basal stem rot disease – MDPI
  59. Container size effects on the sedimentation of coagulated suspension of na-montmorillonite in the semi-dilute regime – Sciencedirect
  60. Determine the optimal hidden layers and neurons in generative adversarial networks topology for the intrusion detection system – ieee xplore
  61. Rheological properties of cellulose nanocrystals isolated via mechanical methods in thermoplastic polyurethane matrix – Sciencedirect
  62. Optimization and characterization of jacalin extracted from jackfruit (artocarpus heterophyllus) seeds using reverse micellar extraction – Iopscience
  63. Facile synthesis of low-cost chitosan/fe3o4@c composite for highly efficient adsorption of levofloxacin antibiotic – Taylor & Francis Online
  64. Performance of greywater treatment using iron removal media (irm) and cattail typha angustifolia – Pertanika Journals
  65. Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice on occupational safety and health among laboratory workers in oshms certified and non-certified public universities in malaysia – UPM Repository
  66. The impact of job insecurity, and psychological distress during covid-19 outbreak: the moderating role of perceived supervisor support among hotel employees in malaysia – National Library of Medicine (NCBI)
  67. Suppression of vortex induced vibration of rigid cylinder by using flexible shrouding – Sciencedirect
  68. Internet of things (iot) based aquaculture: an overview of iot application on water quality monitoring – WILEY online library
  69. Shariah governance in indonesian islamic banks: a bourdieusian perspective – Emerald
  70. Kinetic study on biogas production through anaerobic mesophilic co-digestion of pineapple waste and cow dung at different substrate ratio – Researchgate
  71. Vegetation effects on soil moisture retrieval from water cloud model using palsar-2 for oil palm trees – MDPI
  72. Determining bring your own device (byod) security policy compliance among malaysian teleworkers: perceived cybersecurity governance as moderator – ieee xplore
  73. Growth performance and mineral analysis of pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom) cultivated on spent mushroom medium mixed with rubber tree sawdust – Sciencedirect
  74. Lexical features of malaysian in continuous essay writing among secondary school students – United International Journal for Research & Technology
  75. Public interest disclosure in labuan offshore banking: is statutory intervention necessary? – Malaysian Journal of Human Science and Humanities (MJSSH)
  76. Importance features for water quality prediction based on machine learning – MDPI
  77. Factors influencing the adoption and implementation of cloud-based zero-based budgeting system (cb-zbb.s) in yemeni public entities: moderating role of government intervention policies – Researchgate
  78. Reference evapotranspiration prediction using high order response surface method – Springer Links
  79. Byod security policy compliance framework for the malaysian public sector – AIS library
  80. Structural strengthening using natural fibre composite – a review – Inder science online
  81. Development of electrolyzed water sanitation program for sme frozen meat patty industry – Malaysian Academic Repository
  82. Identifying the optimal placement of spatial wind energy farms in selangor, malaysia – Planning Malaysia Journal
  83. Modified hydrological drought risk assessment based on spa-tial and temporal approaches – MDPI
  84. Analisis kajian demografi dan pemantauan ibu bapa dalam salah laku disiplin pelajar di sekolah menengah harian – UTM Repository
  85. Perceived gap of age-friendliness among community-dwelling older – National Library of Medicine (NCBI)
  86. Immobilization method to separate microalgae biomass for fatty acid methyl ester production separation of microalgae from cultivation medium – WILEY online library
  87. Graphene-based temperature, humidity and strain sensor: a review on progress, characterization and potential applications during covid-19 pandemic – Sciencedirect
  88. Laser writing of graphene on cellulose paper and analogous material for green and sustainable electronic: a concise review – Springer Links
  89. Improving long-term wave forecasting through seasonal adjustment based on stl and cnn-gru network – Researchgate
  90. Analysis and design of lateral framing systems for mul-ti-story steel buildings – MDPI
  91. Transcriptomic study on cell death-related pathways of the cervical cancer hela cells in response to clinacanthus nutans treatment – Europe PMC
  92. Effectiveness of tidal control gates in flood-prone areas during high tide appearances – Frontiersin Journal
  93. Corneal epithelial development and the role of induced pluripotent stem cells for regeneration – National Library of Medicine (NCBI)
  94. Clustering analysis for classifying b40 student academic performance in higher education – MDPI
  95. Malaysia’s toleration policy towards rohingya refugees in malaysia: role of non-state-actors – Monash University Repository
  96. Development of road network planning based on land use and transportation interaction using cge model – Researchgate
  97. Development of storytelling mobile application-based module for speaking skills and motivation in learning tamil among national primary school indian students – Researchgate
  98. The quality of life after a total hip replacement procedure: the factors attributed to a 24-year survival case – ASOR
  99. Combination of cellulose tissue paper and bleach-treated graphene in stiffness reinforcement of polyvinyl alcohol film – Sciencedirect
  100. Characteristics of hybrid nanolubricants for mql cooling lubrication machining application – MDPI
  101. Butterfly pea flower as a stabilizer for shear exfoliated graphene: green material for motion monitoring and morse code sensor – Springer Links
  102. Bibliometric analysis of global research trends on social presence:mapping literature and future research directions – IUIST
  103. The relationship between business excellence model and business performance of small and medium enteprises in malaysia – Global Journal of Business and Social Science Review
  104. Production of fatty acid methyl ester from microalgae chlorella vulgaris – Sciencedirect
  105. Transesterification method of microalgae biomass to produce fatty acid methyl ester – WILEY online library
  106. Social support by communities for older adults in malaysia – National Library of Medicine (NCBI)
  107. A study on diagnostic accuracy of sonographic findings and ultrasound guided core needle biopsy of non palpable birads 4 and 5 breast lesions in department of radiology, hospital seberang jaya (hsj) – National Library of Medicine (NCBI)
  108. Digital connectivity in making indonesia 4.0: a priority for digital transformation – REF press
  109. Assessing the impacts of tourism climate index and holiday climate index on tourism demand in malaysia – Asian Journal of Business Research
  110. Introduction and characterization of simple moisture-driven smart paper for chemistry experiment in the classroom: a brief guideline.a dual-responsive humidity sensitive-based cellulose paper: a fabrication of smart strip from sustainable nanoclay and graphite-beeswax composite. – X- mol
  111. The relationship between business excellence model and business performance of small and medium enteprises in malaysia – GAT Journals

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