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Who We Are

IBP Editing Services (JM0753768-A) is an academic editing, writing, translation service (English-Malay-English) and website content writing service provider. The company was founded in February 2016, catering to the needs of quality academic editing in English for both public and private education sectors globally. We embrace the challenge to provide top-notch academic editing, writing and translation service across various field of studies to academicians whose first language is not English.

At IBP Editing Services, we duly understand your struggle to continuously churn out exceptionally well-written academic papers in between your busy schedule. This task is further burdened when English is being widely used for academic publications even in the non-English speaking countries.

We are a multidisciplinary team of academic enthusiasts who would like to lend us our expertise to polish your paper for publication.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have subject-matter experts (SME) to help you improve your paper as we believe that SMEs add value to our work. This eliminates the chances of getting ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ kind of editors who do not fully ‘understand’ your research.
  • We have the ability to attend to your urgency by providing short turnaround time options (from as fast as 48 hours to 1 month) when purchasing our services.
  • We do not provide you the option to have your paper merely proofread or edited at the basic level as we heavy-edit all papers.
  • We also help you on paraphrasing contents to reduce plagiarism similarity index and format your paper according to your institution’s formatting guidelines.

Check out our services for more info.

Speak to us about your needs and we will tailor our work to meet your requirements accordingly.


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