Website Content Editing Services

At IBP Editing Services, we have editors who are the foremost experts in website content editing. Our editors have proofread and edited verbiage for static website pages, landing pages written exclusively for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and tutorial/instructional pages. We strategically edit your website content by incorporating keywords relevant to your industry.

You, as our client, have the option of having your website content edited in American or British English. We will help you to customize your content to fit your target market, or create dual pages for both styles to ensure your site captures a wider audience.

Why do websites and businesses need this service?

High-quality content attracts search engines like Google, and eventually leads to higher website traffic and potentially more business opportunities. High-quality content also reassures visitors that the business is reliable and competent.

What we need from you?

Submit your website content in existence in Microsoft Word document file.

Let us know the type of editing that you need for your website. Not sure how much editing your website needs? Speak to us about your business goals and how important your website is to generate sales leads. We will walk you through the process of selecting one that suits your needs best.

What do you get from us?

Your original Microsoft Word document with edits appearing under the ‘Track Change’ feature. You can accept or reject changes that we have suggested to make on your website content. After reviewing the corrections, you can copy the entire content to your website’s content editor to reflect the corrected content.

When can you get your edited content?

We quote you based on your desired turnaround time. Let us know your urgency . We’ll cater to your needs and advice your accordingly.

How does the process work?

After you go through the different levels of editing service available at IBP Editing Services, you’ll let us know the project objective, your target market and value propositions of your business. We will communicate closely with you to obtain as much information as needed prior to starting the project. This process ensures that our understanding on your requirements are aligned with your goals. We would then start editing your content and deliver the end product before deadline.

The sooner you submit your information, the easier it would be for us to work on your project. We reserve the rights to extend your project deadline should we not get prompt responses on our inquiries from you.

Our editing staff can edit social media content, e-mails and newsletters to capture more of your target audience. We have worked on many of these professional documents, ensuring clarity of the message, in addition to correct grammar and English mechanics.

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