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Tired of working on your Microsoft Office document for hours long? Don’t have the energy to format your paper? Or perhaps, you just don’t want to look at it anymore?

If you have landed here looking for formatting service for any type of Microsoft Word or PowerPoint presentations, like academic papers, annual reports, legal papers and pitch deck presentations, we can help you format based on your requirements and turnaround time. Send us your queries and we will answer soonest possible.

Formatting rates 2023
Formatting rates as of September 2023

Price in USD is inclusive of PayPal merchant and fixed fee rates if you are residing out of Malaysia. If you have LaTeX document for formatting, please get in touch with us for the rates.

My Cuci
My Cuci
IBP editing service is one of the best decision our company took to engage their service. They are efficient and well versed with their work and provide correct information with tons of research and findings. We are very satisfied with their work and highly recommend their service.
Road King
Road King
Fast and excellent service, with consultancy
Ang ju ying
Ang ju ying
kind and helpful.
jay marappan
jay marappan
Fast and professional service
Yasota Kavari
Yasota Kavari
Thank you very much for the reliable service as promised within the turnaround time I looked for. Recommended for editing and proofreading services.
Emilia Zainal
Emilia Zainal
Great services and quick turnaround time. I have engage them for many many formatting work, and they never disappoint.
Harishni Hari
Harishni Hari
Good service and can receive on time.
Nazar Zaern
Nazar Zaern
i have known the owner of this service provider since 2011 and she is passionate and trustworthy in her work. Their service is so excellent and giving her best to solve and serve customer at the best. I am really recommended that you guys approach this company and talk with jasveena. she is bubbly and outgoing person. very easy to discuss about editing offers.
F Hussin
F Hussin
Fast & good service..

For documents other than academic papers

If you’re looking for formatting service for documents other than academic papers, please contact us for a quote.

Formatting your thesis or journal paper according to the requirements of publishers and universities can be a daunting and messy process if you are not a tech-savvy person, especially when you have decided to format your paper after writing the content. This challenging work is not just time-consuming but would also add up to your stress to graduate on time.

At IBP Editing Services, we understand the struggles you had to go through to produce a fine academic paper. We are here to lend you our expertise so that you could focus on your research better. We provide formatting services for thesis and journal papers.

View the thesis formatting service Malaysia samples below to gauge the standard of our work. 

Read our client testimonials to see what our valued customers have to say about us.


Why should you consider working with us?
We have partnered with trusted service providers who have been formatting academic documents in Malaysia since 2016. As our formatters are providing dissertation formatting service for many years, they are familiar with the challenges that come their way. We have been formatting theses and journals from various universities across the world. Give us your formatting guidelines from your institution and we will work our magic.
Therefore, we can assure you that we have the expertise at IBP Editing Services to format your document according to university or journal guidelines professionally within 3 days. We provide assurance that our work complies with your requirements. If you have any issues with our work, we will fix them for FREE.

What do we need from you?
Submit your document in Microsoft Word format. Send us the university or journal formatting guidelines. Speak to us if you have any university or journal formatting requirements you need to adhere to. We will walk you through the process of explaining your requirements in detail so that we produce work that meets your expectations.

We will also need your Mendeley password and log-in ID if you require us to format your references and in-text citations

What do you get from us?
You can choose one of the three types of services we offer under thesis formatting service Malaysia:

  1. Formatting document, in-text citations, and references – We will format your document as per the university or journal guidelines. We will recreate your table of content and format your figures in the document for FREE. Formatting in-text citations and references is painstaking and time-consuming, which is why we charge separately for this work. Therefore, you will receive a combined quote to format your document as well as the in-text citations and references.
  2. Formatting document onlyWe will only format your document, table of content, and figures if you opt for this service.
  3. Formatting in-text citations and references onlyWe will only format your in-text citations and references if you opt for this service. However, the cost to format your references and in-text citations TOGETHER with your document is cheaper than choosing to format the in-text citations and references only. 

We will return your formatted thesis/dissertation in Word format as well as a print-ready PDF so you can easily send it to your chosen printers. Setting the correct scaling on your printer is essential. Just make sure that you set NO SCALE or 100% scale when you print your document.

When can you get the documents returned to you?
Within THREE working days unless specified otherwise. Let us know your urgency. We’ll cater to your needs and advice your accordingly.

How does the process work?
You will submit your inquiry stating your project title, number of pages, number of references, and special requirements or instructions that you need us to know. We will communicate closely with you to obtain as much information as needed prior to starting the project. This process ensures that our understanding of your requirements is aligned with university or journal formatting guidelines. We would then format your document and deliver it before the specified deadline.
The sooner you submit your information, the easier it would be for us to work on your project. We reserve the right to extend your project deadline should we not get prompt responses to our inquiries from you.
We process payments through PayPal, a safe and secure way to handle online payments. You can complete the payment with or without a PayPal account. Read the guideline from PayPal if you choose to pay without creating an account with them. Alternatively, for local students, payments can be made through bank transfer.
We quote you based on the standard 3-day turnaround time. If you need your documents to be formatted urgently, please indicate that in the ‘specific requirement’ field when filling up the form below. 

Will you get a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by us to protect your work?

Yes, we provide an NDA upon request to safeguard your work. In addition, we will also delete your files and related documents from our database after 6 months of the completion of work. Read our Privacy Policy for further information.

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